Dwi Susanto

My name is Dwi Susanto and I love any stuff related to web. Some time I confuse wether I love Programming > Design or Design > Programming. The name of this blog taken from my childhood name. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me here:

  1. Yesterday

    just had a lunch ...

  2. about an hour ago

    Information inside a table or a list needs to be displayed in such a way so it will be easier to read. Most of us will use the same method when we display information inside table or list. We usually choose two color for example grey and white and put them as background on each

  3. Monday

    Have a nice hot chocolate in the morning

  4. Yesterday

    HTML5 has become a hit today as its new elements and other new concept. What about the old elements? HTML5 has removed some old elements with some considerations. For example the presentational attribute such as background(for body element), bgcolor, align and border as they are better handled in CSS.

  5. sunday

    Create HTML 5 And CSS3 Form
    create a form using html 5 new elements and css new styles.
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  6. Sunday

    Create a simple list using nth-of-type

  7. Sunday

    There are many new stuff on HTML5. Can't wait to learn canvas

  8. Sunday

    Better take a look at some example of best and fresh single web page here